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Our roots are southern. We learned many mouth-watering recipes from our parents. As children we assisted our mothers and grandmothers in preparing the family meals, setting the table, bringing out the food, all things that good children should do.

Buckhead Cafe is founded by Connie Dean and her loving daughter Dorothy Spires. Our passion for food and customer serves started back in the early part of 2000 when we started working together with a non-profit organization. Our love for catering and cooking aided us in handling the major fund-raiser for a national organization, as well as many other events. We had fun while gaining valuable experience in hosting prestigious and memorable events that included celebrities from Hollywood, Local and National Politicians and all kinds of athletes from the sports arena. In 2010 we started our first Bulkhead Cafe right here in Jackson, SC. After successfully running our business we relocated our business and began a five star restaurant in Aiken SC, for 3 years. After a bad economy and high overhead cost we moved on and partnered up with a small restaurant for a few years and decided it was time to come back home, the opportunity presented itself and we reopened our restaurant Buckhead cafe. We invite you to come and visit us so we can make you feel like part of the family. Thank's everyone for all of your love and support!

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We welcome you and your guest to join us, we can cater to any size or host about 70 in our restaurant

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We have all the equipment necessary to host your guest on location, call us to reserve your event

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